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BAFTA-Winning creative content since 1990

Image from The Elemental
Northlight has produced programmes and series for broadcasters including BBC, Channel 4, Discovery and American PBS. Robert Sproul-Cran is the creative force behind the company. Among his many awards is a BAFTA for directing the C4 factual programme 'In Search of the Tartan Turban'. His film 'The Elemental' was awarded British Film Council completion funding and was shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. It went on to win the Méliès d'Or Award at the Abertoir Horror Film Festival and gained international distribution. He is now developing a feature film adaptation of James Hogg's astonishing novel 'Confessions of a Justified Sinner'. The trailer below is compiled from a preliminary screen test.
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BAFTA for 'In Search of the Tartan Turban'
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Goldsmiths Hall, Edinburgh around 1700 - CGI based on extensive research
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Parliament Square, Edinburgh - CGI
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Satues above the main door of Parliament Hall - CGI
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Seating when Scottish Parliament in session, around 1700 - CGI
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A hazy day in Parliament Square, Edinburgh - CGI
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Parliament Square with shops - CGI
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A smoky Parliament Square - CGI
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Parliament Square in the snow - CGI
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Washing day in Parliament Square - CGI
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The King's throne in Parliament Hall, Edinburgh - CGI
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The vennel between Goldsmiths Hall and St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh - CGI

Trailer for feature film in development