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Northlight Corporate Production

Northlight - serving the communication needs of corporate clients.

Northlight has a corporate client base and track record stretching back over seventeen years, with a client list from blue-chip multinationals and national agencies to small up-and-coming oil and gas service companies.

The team have built a reputation based on repeat business from satisfied clients, and in the process have won numerous business production awards from bodies such as the Royal Television Society and IVCA.

The team who work on your video, DVD or multimedia project are the same talented individuals who won a BAFTA for their Channel 4 television work. We work to broadcast standard, both technically and editorially, but with a real understanding of business needs and budgets which allows us to provide unbeatable value for money.

By clicking on the topics in the red bar on the left you should be able to answer the key questions relating to corporate DVD, video and other enhanced forms of communication.

There are many more ways to use first-class digital communications than you might think. Click on "AIMS" to see what lies beyond the Sales Video or Safety Video.

Northlight's award-winning approach to production is detailed if you click on "METHODS".

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And if you're still unsure, then click on "BUDGET" on the left, then "Awards" up above. Then ask - how does anybody else compete with that?