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How can I deliver my message?

A story told in moving pictures is still the most powerful way of engaging attention and interest, and delivering a message which persuades and is remembered. The combination of stunning visuals, observed activity, graphics, music, sound effects and well planned speech is unsurpassed. The viewer is taken on a journey with a beginning, middle and end, under the guidance of the client, delivering your message.

But there are many ways in which the moving picture can be delivered.

A straightforward video can be watched on a DVD, or can be streamed on the web. Thank goodness the VHS tape is just about dead – it was frustrating producing broadcast quality videos then copying them on to such a poor quality medium for final viewing. With DVDs in common use the viewer can watch in broadcast quality widescreen stereo, whether in the boardroom or at home. And now High Definition (or Hi-Def) is an excellent option.

There is more flexibility with a DVD. It can play automatically, and loop for display purposes, on an exhibition stand or in a showroom. Interactive productions are possible, and are useful for training. But one of the greatest breakthroughs is being able to make menu-driven DVDs at an affordable budget.

With this approach you are presented with choices as to what you want to watch in the order that suits you. You can home in on the topics that interest you. With a sales video you can watch video clips on specific products, without having to plough through material which isn’t relevant. With training and demonstration material you can watch what you need, and repeat this as needed.

This is a major breakthrough – flexibility matched with simplicity and affordability.