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How do we get the result you need?

The process of producing a video is tried and tested. Our first step is to start a consultation process in which we work with the client to draw up a specification and shooting script for the project.

This establishes the detailed structure and content of the video, without concern about the final form of words used for narration. It ensures that the desired ground is covered, and that the material is presented in a logical fashion with regard for the client’s own priorities.

If desired within the scope of the project we then work with the client to agree a storyboard of key sequences and images, such as the titles and opening. This can be useful to ensure that all concerned share the same visual conception of the production. This is more likely to be worthwhile with a glossy promotional video or DVD – if the task is simple and the budget lean then we will move on more rapidly.

We also draw up a production schedule for the project.

Once the key elements have been approved we proceed to the production phase. Consultation and approval are built into the schedule between different stages of shooting and editing to ensure that we take the shortest route to satisfactory completion by the agreed date.

In parallel with the detailed editing plan we create a narration script. This should be interwoven with the visual images to work most effectively. A video which is scripted word by word from the start tends to sacrifice the communication power of the pictures to the word, creating in effect an illustrated radio talk rather than working to the strengths of the visual medium. If a production company insists that you approve a word-for-word script before shooting starts then they are most likely covering their own backsides rather than ensuring the best possible result for yourself!

In the first phase of post-production we compile an offline edit - a rough edit which combines words and pictures for the clients’s approval. Finally, when this has been amended and passed as suitable we complete the fine or online edit and sound mix on broadcast equipment to that agreed form, prior to making viewing copies as required.