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How do I choose the right production company?

Perhaps you're one of the fortunate marketing execs with a vast budget and ambition to match. In that case you probably deal with ultra-expensive production companies in London or L.A.

But most clients are driven by value for money.

They want to achieve results which will enhance their own and their company's reputation. But they need to defend the bottom-line purchasing decision, and show they can drive a hard bargain. And they need to tap into cutting edge production expertise to back up their own knowledge in a fast-evolving industry.

That's where Northlight comes in.

If your priorities are sales, promotion, image-building, telling a great story - then ask this...

Does your production company do broadcast work - for the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery and so on?

Have you actually made programmes for them - not just copied some tapes or hired them a bit of kit?

Will the same talent who make the stuff for TV be working on my project?

Will you work to the same tight budgets demanded by broadcasters?

If your priorities are explaining, convincing, persuading, motivating, encouraging -

- then ask exatly the same questions! TV is more than just about glossy presentation. Editorial skills in conveying meaning and scripting effectively underpin everything you see on the box.

If your priorities are budget, budget and then budget, ask this...

What was that about tight broadcast budgets? Really??

You'd better believe it! The broadcast networks aren't renowned for spending unneccesarily. And if the project doesn't need bells and whistles then Northlight won't try to add them. Our costs will bring a cheerful smile to your face. And our budgets are completely and transparently itemised, so you can see exactly where the money's going, and where it can be saved.

So the bottom line is: Pick a company with the highest level of awards - a BAFTA for broadcast and Royal Television Society and IVCA awards for corporate production - then say you want the top team on the job and you want a price which will beat all-comers.

Our eyes may water, but we'll do it like a shot. Because that's how we got where we are today, 16 years after Northlight was founded!