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What sort of budgets are we looking at?

Despite the awards, Northlight's costs are keenly competitive.

We prefer to work on fixed budgets - no surprises late in the day. But we provide fully itemised budgets in advance, so if the job does have some potential variables you know exactly what's involved right from the start.

Northlight has its own in-house facilities, with a range of different technical solutions on offer. High Definition video and television is the new standard for top-end corporate communications, and is surprisingly affordable.

But broadcast television hasn't yet moved over to Hi-Def, and many customers who may watch a sales video will not yet have the facilities on their laptop or TV to watch Hi-Def. In that case the current UK broadcast standard is DigiBeta. This tape based format will still exceed the picture quality of a cheap Hi-Def system. The reason lies not just in the line resolution but in the lenses. Beware of Hi-Def camcorders offered as an alternative to broadcast quality kit.

But if you want a job shot on a Hi-Def camcorder, then we can do it.

The bottom line is Northlight will quote the keenest prices for all levels of technical and editorial service. We've built the company on low overheads. Your budget appears on the screen - not in funding boardrooms and hospitality suites.

Try us, and be pleasantly surprised.