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There are so many uses for the moving image

There are many topics that can be covered in a video or DVD. There can sometimes be a temptation to make a “Company Video” which is to be used for PR, sales, staff induction, presentations – in fact for everything. Needless to say this can miss more targets than it hits.

The good news is that with computer based editing techniques it’s very easy to make more than one version using the same material. For instance for Ortak the jewellers we made a promotional video, a staff induction video, and a public display video for the visitor centre in Orkney. Highly cost-effective when different versions are made at the same time.


Here are some suggestions...

1. Motivational Training: Programmes to encourage/train people to use or change interpersonal or behavioural skills. Programmes can be company specific or generic.

2. Practical Training: Programmes for an organisation, or for retail or hire, made specifically to train people in practical procedures, techniques and operations, including those relating to products or services.

3. Health and Safety: Programmes dealing specifically with aspects of health and safety in the home, community or work place (such as ways to prevent fires or industrial accidents).

4. Charity and Public Welfare: Programmes that support charities or charitable causes, or deal with issues of public welfare.

5. Education: Programmes designed specifically for use as teaching aids in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions.

6. Recruitment: Programmes designed to attract people to a particular trade, profession, career or organisation.

7. Sales of Products and Services: Programmes intended specifically to sell products such as appliances, food, cars or services including pensions, insurance, banking, or legal advice.

8. Corporate Image: Programmes intended to give an overview of a company or organisation and to enhance its image internally or externally.

9. Public Relations: Programmes intended for external use, specifically to promote an issue or area of interest, or to be part of a PR campaign, but not containing sales messages.

10. Internal Communications: Programmes to change attitudes or provide information to employees or members of an organisation, which do not form part of a regular series.

11. Regular Communications: Programmes made on a regular basis (at least quarterly) as part of a series for employees, agents, customers, shareholders or others. This includes programmes delivered via satellite. The programme entered must be backed up with a second example of a programme from the same series.

12. Business to Consumer Promotion & Information: Linear business communication programmes, transmitted on broadcast media, which promote the reputation and/or brand of a company, institution or charity etc, or provide business information, public service information, educational materials or training materials for the general public. Entries could include business focused documentaries, public service broadcasts, business news programmes, infomercials, advertising related materials and broadcast sponsored programmes (BSP’s) etc designed to enhance the profile of the organisation.


13. Live Events: A live event or series of events to communicate to a client’s internal or external audience – eg. management, employees, sales staff, journalists, analysts, shareholders, customers, independent dealers, franchises, distributors etc.

14. Events and Public Display: Film and video programmes specifically for showing at events or in public places, including conferences, conventions, AGMs, award ceremonies, museums or exhibitions.

So there are more possibilities than just an all-purpose corporate video!