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Northlight factual programmes

This image comes from an Equinox programme which Northlight produced for Channel 4 and Discovery. In the UK it was called "Lethal Seas", while in the USA it was "Sea Twister"! The idea came during a trip to the Gulf of Corryvreckan on the West Coast of Scotland. The Royal Navy classes the gulf as 'unnavigable', but for some reason Robert thought it would be a good idea to take the family there for a day out.

This led to a proposal to create the last great nature spectacular documentary. (Stuart Cosgrove of Channel 4 described the genre as "weather porn" - spectacular visual feasts of death and destruction like hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, lightning strikes and so on. The networks thought they'd covered everything - until Robert had his bright idea...)

The project involved filming in the Lofoten Islands in the Arctic Circle - home of the original Maelstrom - in mainland Norway, Sweden, East and West Coast America, Hawaii, Canada and Japan. And of course Scotland. It was highly dangerous work, but produced some fantastic visuals - in the air, at sea and underwater.

The programme pulled excellent ratings, and is still being repeated worldwide.

Other projects include the series "Calcutta Chronicles" with Tim Piggot-Smith for Channel 4, "Square Sail Round Scotland" (BBC), "It's Your Life" drugs series with Jackie Bird for BBC Scotland, and various one-offs and features.